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October 2010

Helping Your Child Cope

Helping Your Child Cope: Emotional Issues & Trauma Caused by Chronic Illnesses Repeat visits to the doctor’s office, painful shots and prodding – all can cause a slew of emotional issues for children with special needs, especially those battling a chronic illness. While lollipops won’t always do enough to help, private psychotherapist Teri Sullivan Lutz, MS, MA, LPC, shares some information and tips that

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Overland Park Family Honors Son’s Memory

A Parent’s Perspective: Overland Park Family Honors Son’s Memory Ben Cote had just started the first grade when doctors found a tumor in the orbital cavity behind his right eye. The diagnosis – cancer. Family and friends rallied by his side as Ben underwent treatment after treatment, but Ben died Sept. 7, 2007, holding the hands of his parents. Ben was 8 years and

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Behavior Therapy Begins Young

Behavior Therapy Begins Young: Consistency and Praise Contribute to Success By Susan Fotovich McCabe Ask an outsider what the greatest challenge is in raising a child with special needs, and the answer might be physical and learning struggles. Ask an insider, and the answer would likely include behavior. From severe aggression to mild defiance, behavior issues often go hand-in-hand with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

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