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February 2012

Our New Year’s Inspirations

Forget resolutions. Let’s talk inspirations. That’s the focus of our New Year – celebrating the inspirational families and children affected by special needs… right here in our Kansas City community. There are so many – we hear from you every day on Facebook and through emails, events we attend and more – but here, on these few pages, we only had room for three

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Feeding Tube Fix?

KU psychologist tackles the transition from tube to oral feeding in kids with special needs Dr. Ann Davis isn’t patting herself on the back just yet, but the codirector of the Center for Children’s Healthy Lifestyles & Nutrition is pretty sure she and her team are on to something. The feeding tubes clinical trial she’s leading has been successful with every patient treated so

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Feeding Tube Diaries: A Lee’s Summit family’s struggles … and ultimate triumph

By Sarah Wyssmann Our oldest daughter Elizabeth, who is now seven and-a-half, was born premature, weighing 1 pound, 11 ounces. Though she was born with many health challenges, one of the biggest battles we faced early on was her severe reflux, GI pain and, of course, eating problems. Initially, Elizabeth was able to get the NG (nasal feeding) tube out before coming home from

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Nutrition for the New Year

New program helps kids with special needs stay healthy and fit By Kara Cowie Kristen Oakley has always loved her daughter Tatum’s chubby cheeks. So when doctors expressed concern over the 8-year-old’s weight and recommended an intervention, Kristen was surprised and a little hesitant. “We had always considered Tatum as a cute, little roly-poly kid,” says Kristen, who lives on Fort Leavenworth with her

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