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June 2012

Edwardsville boy walking after umbilical cord stem cell infusion

Moments after Christina VanCleave gave birth to a healthy baby boy, her husband Bruce Sr. was on a mission, and it wasn’t to dote on his wife or his brand-new baby. Bruce was furiously racing against the clock to drop off a package for overnight delivery. The package – their son, Bruce Jr.’s, umbilical cord blood, which the VanCleaves had decided to donate. “He

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Story of Hope: Technology helps mom and daughter communicate

By Elizabeth Aquino My daughter Sophie is 16 years old and has had epilepsy since she was diagnosed at three months. Her seizures are refractory, despite nearly 20 different medications, the ketogenic diet and many alternative and integrative therapies, and she is profoundly developmentally disabled as a result. She is non-verbal, and over the years, we have tried many different forms of communication in

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Yes, We Can: Excelsior Springs family doesn’t let special needs hold them back

By Kara Cowie Christy and Marty Marker aren’t ones to take no for an answer. The Excelsior Springs parents have heard it time and time again – from doctors, educators, insurance companies and strangers on the street. No, your boys can’t do this. No, we won’t pay for that. No, you shouldn’t work; take government aid instead. Each and every time, they’ve looked to

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On the Move Again: Teen Gears Up to Run and Play Ball Just Months after Losing his Lower Legs

By Kara Cowie The roads in Schell City, Mo., were slick when Seth Alexander set out for basketball practice one rainy afternoon last November. As the 16 year old turned a corner, he lost control of his truck. It flipped, and he flew out. The cab of the truck landed on his knees. Seth remembers it all; he was awake through the accident and

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