Parenting Children With Special needs is dedicated to enhancing the lives of families who have a child with special needs. We provide these special families with funding, support & events!

The owner of Parenting Children With Special needs Stephanie Myers and her family

The founder of Parenting Children With Special Needs Stephanie Myers and her family

My son Brayden is a 2-year-old little miracle who was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease at birth. Since then I have done everything I can think of to stay at home with him and help others. Then at our most recent hospitalization, I came up with my idea and now I am trying to make this dream reality. Coming to the realization that it doesn’t really matter what your children’s needs are but that as parents we can all relate to what it is like raising our little miracle children. When I did my research and I came to find out that there was nothing like my idea SO I jumped all over it. But, now I just have to get it off the ground running…and that means funding and help! I need people with a passion that want to make a difference in peoples lives, by advertising, sponsoring, donating your time, writing articles, taking photos, or just give me some encouragement on how important this really is and how other parents can be affected. I can’t do it alone that is no doubt so if you know how you can help please let me know!

Parenting Children with Special Needs Children Magazine is a bi-monthly publication unlike any other. This is a magazine that was created with the Parents of children with Special Needs at heart. Every issue will offer articles on a “Feature Super Parent”, advise or wisdom from Experienced Healthcare Professionals, Parent to Parent Articles, along with General Knowledge and Understanding of life with our special little ones. We cover the real life of parents facts and struggles of what is like caring for our children day to day. The sole purpose is to give parents a magazine to relate to other parents that have children with special needs support, information, understanding, encouragement, and guidance.

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