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Elaine Willingham American Republic Medicare Insurance Broker

Exciting News for those with Special Needs, Disabilities, and/or low income. To qualify, the applicant must and have Missouri HealthNet or Medicaid and must have Medicare A & B. One of the Leading Insurance Companies has a new “Zero cost” plan for those that qualify; this new 2018 plan doesn’t change or alter any of their current benefits; it adds to, and enhances them. If they qualify for this plan they would receive $175 per quarter (every three months) for OTC (Over the Counter) medical supplies, such as First Aid, diapers, disposable under garments, changing pads, canes, walkers, wheelchairs and so much more – delivered straight to their home. It also adds $1500 per year in preventive and comprehensive covered Dental services annually for the qualified beneficiary. These and many more additional benefits that will help you, help the ones you love who qualify. Age is not a factor. To see if your friend or loved one qualifies call Elaine Willingham at 314-799-1724. Thank you, my goal is to reach as many who might qualify as possible. This is a Godsend for them.
*If someone has been on disability for at least two full years, they may qualify for Medicare, tell them to call me. Age is not a factor, just the qualifiers mentioned. Please spread the word, I would like to help as many people as possible. Thank you!
Elaine Willingham
American Republic Insurance Services
232 Vance Road # 206
Valley Park, MO 63088
314-799-1724 or 314-909-6617

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