Nothing like watching your kid heartbroken…

So why you’re probably asking? He wanted to run for student council, so he did everything on his own. Made his poster without ANY help, completed his form thinking he was going to use it to give his speech but couldn’t so was upset…This kid trys so hard to fit in and goes through so much and then to watch and feel heartbroken while blaming me for not helping him more makes me feel like a failure too. However, I tried to explain to him that sometimes when we lose we just have to figure out what we can do better next time. My goal in life is to make my kids independent and strong sharing with them that life it really isn’t easy and never really will be, and as much as I want to help him do everything it doesn’t set him up for success. So I guess I’m just asking what do you think I could do to try to make him feel better, while making him feel confident in his loss, if that happens. He really wanted to win and his ideas are great…but all goes back to should I have helped more and how do you teach your kids how to just not give up and the importance of assuming a role like this is something to self accomplish because he wants it not me? I mean i do want him to keep trying every year, and persistance, passion and independence is part of it. But failure to peers is like another blow to his heart! He wants to be good at everything and pours his heart into all he does and just gets brushed off as he is never good enough. And he is!!!!!

Brayden taking a picture at school with a red character

Brayden at school

More said he wants friends to want him and he is always the kid that has always tried to include everyone but sees that it just isn’t like that for everyone else. He never gets the birthday party invites, sleepover invites because he says he has too much stuff at night. Well, goes back to this kid, is so independent he has been straight cathing, hooks up his overnight fluids, follies caths, knows how to run his machine and hook up his IV pole by himself since he was 7 so he could have overnights. It’s wierd, how a kid so different can feel so empty and yet be as amazing as he is. He gets it though but how to make him okay with his hand of cards as a Mom is super hard. NO PARENT wants to see their kids hurt, but when will he catch a break and feel accepted for who he is not by me or how I want him to be but how and who he wants to be.

Okay done, well kinda but just having a rough morning and wiping tears before he walks into school because he wants to show the world he is strong and can do it all….and then to top it off his little brother said I love your posters bubba and I will pick you! Geezzzz…..Brennen is always there…i guess that is why sibling love is so powerful especially for kids that have special needs.

Thoughts? And pardon all the typos…just a vent as I sit here and ponder how to better for my kids. I will not hand them everything or make them have that poor me additude, or teach them you are not entitled to anything you don’t earn while keeping the values and beliefs of what should be his foundation for life.

Love ya and thanks for hearing me out…

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